Italian Dishes

How to Spice Up Your Next Salmon Dish

One thing I enjoyed in Italy was easting Fresh Fish. So when I got home I decided to add it to my diet. And so first I chose Salmon. I chose to buy fresh fish online. Then it arrived.

Salmon has become one of the most popular fish to serve. People love the taste, and salmon cooks quickly, making it a great option for both weeknights and weekends.

Besides convenience, salmon is an excellent source of high-quality protein, containing all the essential amino acids, making it a great source of nutrition for the young and old alike.

If you want to prepare salmon, remember to purchase the freshest fillets you can. Keep the fish refrigerated, as i will be when you buy fish from an online seller, until you are ready to cook it, and always prepare it on a clean, dry surface. In order to eliminate a strong oily taste, remove the skin as soon as possib


If you are looking for a great way to liven up your salmon dish, you may want to try my Salmon Magic. This seasoning blend is a flavorful combination of dill, mustard seed, herbs and spices with just the right amount of salt and sugar, creating a versatile blend for all salmon recipes.

The distinct flavors enhance the natural goodness of salmon or any other type of fish, shellfish or seafood. Whether you are grilling, sautéing, baking, broiling or poaching, Salmon Magic will add just enough flavor. Forgot to say I buy my fish from AO Seafoods

To get you started, here is one of my favorite salmon recipes. It’s simple, and it will definitely spice up mealtime.


(Makes 1 serving)

1 salmon fillet

2 teaspoons Salmon Magic

Unsalted butter, melted

Heat oven to 450 F. Lightly brush the top and sides of the salmon fillet with melted butter. Lightly brush a small sheet pan with melted butter.

Season the top and sides of the salmon fillet with the Salmon Magic. If the fillet is thick, use a little more Salmon Magic. Press the seasoning in gently.

Place the fillet on the sheet pan and bake until the top is golden brown, and the fillet is just cooked through. In order to have moist, pink salmon, do not overcook. Serve immediately.

Cook time: 4 to 6 minutes.

(Makes 1 serving)

1 salmon fillet

2 teaspoons Salmon Magic

Unsalted butter, melted

Heat oven to 450 F. Lightly brush the top and sides of the salmon fillet with melted butter. Lightly brush a small sheet pan with melted butter.

Season the top and sides of the salmon fillet with the Salmon Magic. If the fillet is thick, use a little more Salmon Magic. Press the seasoning in gently.

Place the fillet on the sheet pan and bake until the top is golden brown, and the fillet is just cooked through. In order to have moist, pink salmon, do not overcook. Serve immediately.

Cook time: 4 to 6 minutes.

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Visiting China Town

Those Mobile Phone Wielding Drivers

A taxi driver in Singapore recently drove his taxi headfirst into a rather deluxe condominium swimming pool! At the subsequent court case the driver was fully exonerated from any blame on the grounds that it was raining heavily at the time of the incident and (would you believe it?) that no barriers were in place around the pool.

If anybody was to ponder over this scenario it would not be hard to conjure up a few chinks and cracks in the stories armor. Well, swimming pools do not normally reside directly in front of condominium entrances as those living there tend not to favor passerby’s peering in!

Oh, and who would design it such that drunken residents, returning home from a night on the town, are faced with an assault course before being allowed to their apartment and to bed? I would also question the lack of lighting around the driveway, the speed that the taxi was taking and his knowledge of the area. Its a problem suffered where my father lives and he has to put up with the mess near his home as he lives by a Liverpool GP.

But going no further; the driver was so obviously doing what millions of other people are doing right now – he was concentrating away on his cell phone, weaving and ducking around plant pots and over grass verges and was not able to fully apply himself to staying on the driveway!

A point to back-up this reasoning is that Singaporean taxi-drivers always ring the customers upon arrival at the pick-up point. So this driver was without doubt struggling to call his future passengers to come down, whilst paying little attention to the large sign that said “swimming pool ahead”!

Mobile Phone usage by drivers on the move has increased world-wide. Many officials, governments, safety bodies, other drivers and pedestrians are becoming seriously worried about this modern phenomenon.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the USA conducted a survey and came up with some startling and very shocking data! The results showed that 1.2 million people or 8% of drivers in the States were using handheld or hands free cell phones during daylight hours in 2004; a 50% increase since 2002 and a 100% rise in four years.

Mr. Ray Tyson, a spokesperson for NHTSA shared his views with us: while we don’t have hard evidence that there’s been an increase in the number of crashes, we know that talking on the phone can degrade driver performance”.

Thanks Ray for the enlightenment but why did you restrict the survey to daylight hours only, do you expect mobile phone wielding drivers to always tell the truth and why don’t you have any hard evidence?

Ray clearly reduced his statement to casual observation status rather than committing himself or the NHTSA by shouting out loudly to the world that the situation was reaching disastrous proportions ………..etc!

Over in Japan recent statistics shine another bad light on the situation. The Japanese Police produced some hard evidence (maybe they should contact RAY) of 1140 car accidents that occurred in Japan during a three month period in 1996!

All of these accidents occurred due to drivers being distracted by their mobile phones in one way or another.This is confirmed at the doctors. In fact the police went a little bit further: 9 people died of these accidents! 45% of these accidents happened while drivers attempted to answer their ringing phones.

28% while drivers tried to combine driving with dialing, 18% while the drivers were talking and the remaining 11% due to other causes like scrambling under the seat to retrieve a dropped phone having just swerved out of the path of an oncoming camper van on cruise control!

Oh! And heading back to the Americas some objective Scientific Research from some body in Toronto shows that the risk of being involved in a traffic accident increases fourfold if a mobile phone is used whilst driving! Thanks for that, maybe these scientists were spent some time with Ray!

Zooming across the Atlantic, over the Middle East, China and to Taiwan! A country that manufactures and has i

s hand in the production of many electronic devices currently being used in the world today! As a pedestrian crossing any road in Taiwan is similar to putting ones head in the mouth of a lion, it is a dangerous event that most achieve by closing ones eyes and with a rapidly beating heart just taking the plunge – crossing the road that is!

Recently this style of heart racing adventure has just gotten a little bit better: drivers manically wielding cell phones have dramatically increased the heart in mouth adventure of trying to get to the other side! It is still similar to putting ones head into a lion’s mouth, but a lion that has only just finished chomping to death its keeper, that is being prodded by a child with a stick between the bars and has been forced to listen to a mobile phone users checking out is new ring tones!

There has never been a co-coordinated system of traffic flow in Taiwan; a total lack of respect for traffic lights and pedestrians exist and weaving drivers on betel nut (a chewy nut that causes hyper activity when chewed and drowsiness in-between chomps) just adds to the general fun! Most pedestrians hug walls and sneak along with eyes working overtime as potentially hazardous drivers are logged and tracked by a well-developed brain radar system brought on by a desire for survival.

Only last week a bus zoomed by with a cargo of terrified children peering helplessly and desperately out of the windows; the driver was happily conversing on his mobile whilst weaving an unstoppable course through various red lights at well over the moral speed limit! Another recent incident which in retrospect is quite hilarious was when two moped drivers approached each other across an intersection.

Their speeds were not great and the whole scenario played out as if in slow motion; each was concentrating on their respective conversations, each was weaving drunkenly forwards in fits and starts and as if pre-ordained they collided head on.

A tangled heap resulted but without serious injury or damage. But what is even more hilarious is that both individuals picked themselves up, brushed themselves off and without acknowledging each other or scrambling to shift blame they both reached around for the cell phones.

And without pause they continued their conversations – why let a mere traffic accident get in the way of a call? Who knows, maybe they were talking to each before they crashed and afterwards were busy obtaining each others insurance details – all over the phone!

Even worse than being a pedestrian these days is to find oneself sitting in the back of a taxi with driver who feels the urge to converse not with you but with his mobile! Suddenly from being a normal driver who bores his passengers to tears with stories of his economic plight or Liverpool’s recent football score, emerges a maniac of WW11 convoy evasion tactical ability!

The driver suddenly decides that any action of the foot on the gas peddle must be immediately followed by one on the brake and passengers find themselves alternately with their heads embedded into the seat in front or their bodies lying twisted and mangled against the rear window! From a driver, who although was naturally aggressive in his driving managed with skill to avoid others, emerges a monster.

A massive monster who will play head on “who will brake first” games with a speeding tank, who will assume that spaces the size of a shopping trolley will mysteriously expand if he gets enough speed up and who considers that all other drivers are mere figments of his imagination!
Indeed the mobile phone driving syndrome situation is far worse than authorities, governments,

Ray, the Japanese Police and the bored or underpaid scientist’s state. This maybe due to the fact that most of the above mentioned bodies and groups tend to use their very own mobile phones whilst driving to work every day so ……….can’t make too much noise now can they!

One country is stepping up its efforts to clamp down on this new menace! The UK! As of 2005 drivers caught using mobile phones will be immediately fined 60 pounds and have three penalty points on their driving licenses!

In fact Ms Janet Anderson, MP for Rose and Darwin ( a couple of houses in England connected by a single lane dirt track) clapped her hands in delight upon receiving a report that hands-free kits (once heralded as a safe alternative) were nearly as dangerous as actual hand-held phones! She went on a bit further to say that, “it must be made crystal clear to drivers who insist on behaving in this way that they endanger the safety of the public generally and their own safety too”! Yippee!

Still in the UK – recent tests at the Transport Research Laboratory have shown that drivers on mobiles have a slower reaction time and stopping time than those under the influence of alcohol! It does not really take a team of highly paid scientists and many pounds later to figure that one out: it is blatantly obvious that a driver under the influence will be applying every ounce of his available concentration on his driving, albeit slightly misguided, whilst a driver on his mobile will not be concentrating at all!

But the findings of this year long study did place in writing some much needed data and statistics that can now be used and wielded by those trying to clamp down on the menace! At last some hard evidence!

Hopefully the future will change people’s attitudes regarding mobile phone usage! Hopefully normal people will not feel the urge to be in contact 24/7, will not suffer withdrawal symptoms should they be disconnected for a nanosecond and be able to not answer a ringing phone – in fact it would be superb if people could actually switch mobile phones off sometimes!

But this is way, way, way into the future! As far away as us conversing with aliens from the planet “zong” in the “xzihngty” galaxy about them trying to eat us for breakfast! In the meantime it will be up to governments and the introduction of new laws to clamp down on the menace and thus make drivers think twice before answering or making calls whilst on the move!
Maybe the answer is not to punish drivers through penalty points on their license or the threat of paltry monetary fines:

“You have been found guilty by this court of talking on a cell phone whilst driving. You will from this day forth not be allowed to own, borrow, use or even look at a mobile phone, PDF or portable communication device for a period of ten years. Additionally you will complete three months of community service upon completion of which you will attend counseling in “how to survive on this planet without being in constant touch”. Upon completion of this course you will then attend a four week course titled, “how to use a phone that is connected to a land line”.

Take him away boys!

The only crisis left to solve would then be to clamp down on those drivers who insist on doing a full make-over in the rear-view mirror whilst doing 60MPH through a built up area! To put a halt to business men who assume that drivers’ seats are wonderful places to shave, rinse and swallow!

To convince short sighted people that, “cleaning ones specs” by removing them and whilst navigating a hair bend in icy conditions is not really sensible. Oh, and that various forms of sexual attention might be pleasurable at the time but not when subsequently wrapped around a lamppost or underneath an HGV still doing 60MPH down the freeway!

When these drivers have had their shaving kits and make up bags confiscated and are safely tucked away behind bars then it might be safe for the average pedestrian to step foot outside once again and with confidence, without fear of being mowed down by cars driven by self-engrossed and selfish drivers who assume that the conversation they are currently having is more important than life!

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Skin care

Skin Care For Men

The manufacturers of beauty care products have blatantly ignored men while persistently pursuing women. Decade ago beauty regime, cosmetics, etc were considered a female’s prerogative. So what’s new? There is a clear blurring of gender lines in today’s world. Eyebrow plucking, facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, hair removal and hair colours, which were regaled to women only, now find a mention in men’s list for beauty.

Men have shown interest in taking better care of their skin. Simple daily ritual of cleansing and moisturizing is the key to healthy beautiful skin. Men’s skin care products include moisturizing creams, cleansers, face and body wash, scrubs, exfoliant and night renewal cream with a variety of natural ingredients for example sea salt, coconut, Aloe Vera and even beer.

Men’s skin is 20% thicker than woman’s skin because it’s richer in collagen and elastin. The active sebaceous gl

nds make the skin much oilier. No matter what is your skin type, you have to clean your face daily. Deep cleansing keeps the pores clear, skin healthy and good looking. When speaking to my friend AK Aesthetics she tells me just like women’s skin, men’s skin is also prone to dehydration, sun damage, changes in the environment like air pollution, climate etc. Basic cleansing, protection and moisturizing after shaving is an effective skin care routine.

– Daily face washing will unclog the pores and help in prevention of variety of skin conditions such pimples, acne, ingrown hair, etc.

– Daily shaving of their face makes the skin prone to dehydration. Use shaving creams or foams designed for specific skin type.

– If your skin is prone to imperfections such nicks, pimples, etc after shaving; soothe the skin with moisturizer or after-shave lotion.

– Sunscreens are not only for women. Men’s skin should also be protected against the sun. Buy sunscreen or moisturizers with SPF of 15 or above.

– Steam your face before shaving. It opens up hair follicles. Splash cold water on your face after shaving to close the pores on the skin. Aloe Vera is a wonderful post shave moisturizer.

– The use of the correct oils for oily and acne prone skins can be very helpful. Essential oils like lavender, sage, mint and tea tree are naturally antiseptic, active and help heal the skin. I use and oil from

– Eat a balanced diet and stay active. Up your intake of fruits and vegetables and avoid greasy fried foods. Exercising clears your pores and increases your metabolism and sweating cleanses your inner body.

– Drink plenty of water daily to keep your skin hydrated. If consume liqueur, beverages or soft drinks, increase your water intake to keep your self from being dehydrated.

Skin care for men is akin to women’s skin care regime. Clean your skin every day and moisturize your skin for healthy beautiful looking skin.

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Cushions for bed

Change the look of your Sofa with Throw cushions

Change the way you look at your sofa. Just add a few Thro cushions and get the luxurious and relaxed feel of your sofa. It would surely compel you to dive into your sofa and get into its warm comforts.

These cushions not only add to the aesthetics of the room, but also provide a relaxing atmosphere in the room. The great designers know how to add colors and décor to your room. They just make subtle modifications or additions to the room and it can be changed almost to the garden of Heaven. And one of the simplest ways of achieving such environment is to just use some throw cushions. The throw velvet cushion cover provided an instant accent to the décor of your sofa and your room at an affordable price. It is also very attractive and brightens up the entire room, while bonding the other deco

s of the room together.

Throw cushions are usually the fillers that add up to décor of an already furnished room. If used strategically and practically it can enlighten the place and add to the dimension of the room. The throw cushions are not necessarily only for the sofas in the living room, but can also be used ion the bedroom and the study. I bought mine from The right choice needs to be made. Throw cushions, with covers in satin or silk lend a warm, yet rich feel. For a snug look, place plenty of throw cushions in different sizes on your sofa, settee, or bed.

As mentioned earlier, throw cushions are inexpensive and it enhances, co-ordinates, and gives a subtle finish to the room. One can choose from thousands of varieties of throw cushions and it also comes in every shape, style and price to meet your need.

A pair of throw cushion is also a great idea as a gift and can be ideal for the housewarming parties. Also, these can be gifted during Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or any occasion showers, or any occasion you can think of.

A quality throw cushion will usually be small yet attractive and adds a great enhancement to the room. So if you are looking for a quick decorating pick-me-up, then think about softening your interior with decorative cushions. As I said check out They could be as simple as throw pillows for the sofa, a cushion set for your rocking chair, cushions for the floor, a plush cushion to an intricately twisted iron bench – they can completely change the look and feel of a room. Adding one or two bright colored cushions creates vibrancy and enthusiasm in the living space.

So go ahead and pile your home with plush cushions and loosen-up against their softness.

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City Breaks

Prague Holidays

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. Popularly known as “Jewel Of the Crown” among the central Europe, and one among the most beautiful city of the world, Prague has tourism as it major force. Though the city does not have tourism as its main occupation, but the effect of tourism can be clearly seen over the city. It is always a good time for brief, peaceful and romantic break at this beautiful city. It has a lot to offer for its tourists. There are many travel agents in UK offering cheap and short city breaks to Prague. You can also plan a stag/hen weekend in Prague at the last minutes. With such wide range of available Prague city breaks package, the city is only a step away from your home. Lets have a look at famous of Prague, attractions in the city, means of transports, nightlife, restaurants, flights and hotels etc.

Hotels In Prague

A visit to the Golden City is always a wonderful experience, your choice of hotel will add a finishing touch. There are a wide range of hotels in Prague, you can choose among depending upon your budget including using Airbinb codes.  MyPrague offers dis

ounted rates for all hotels in Prague. Thus you’ll end up with a luxurious stay with much less than you can imagine. Some of the top hotels in Prague are:-

Hotel Corinthia Towers Prague – Corinthia Towers is a 5* modern hotel providing the highest standards of comfort throughout and it prides itself on the high quality of services and facilities offered to guests.

Hotel Corinthia Panorama Prague – The Corinthia Panorama is a 4* luxury hotel located in a quiet residential area, close to the centre of Prague, making it easy for guests to explore the palaces, towers, museums and gardens.

Hotel Hilton Prague – This is the largest luxury five star hotel in the Czech Republic and is ideally suited for business travellers. It features 788 guest rooms, 3 restaurants, a bar, various shops and the Czech Republic’s first Cybex Health Club & Spa, which offers the most extensive leisure facilities in town.

As mentioned, you can save money booking accommodation using Airbnb. I have used many times using Airbnb coupon codes. A great way to make travel cheaper.

Attractions In Prague

Prague is a feast for sightseeing tourist. Prague has some of the most extensive collections of art and culture in the world. The city offers some fascinating attractions to life. Some of the places that are top on the “Do Not Miss” list of Prague are:-

Astronomical Clock & Old Town Hall Tower – Address: Old Town Square, Old Town, Prague 1

Bertramka Mozart Museum – Address: Mozartova 169, Smichov, Prague 5

Charles Bridge – Address: Old Town, Prague 1

Church of Our Lady Before Tyn – Address: Old Town Square, Old Town, Prague 1

Dancing House – Address: Rasinovo nabrezi 80, New Town, Prague 2

Estates Theatre – Address: Ovocny trh 1, Old Town, Prague 1

Flights To Prague

You can easily book cheap flights to Prague from anywhere in UK at a price as low as £69.00 with a discount of £5.00. MyPrague offers low cost flights to Prague from London Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, City Airport, Birmingham, East Midlands etc. You can also book last minute flights to Prague and get discounts. The flight booking facility is provided online. You can also check for the hotel booking and city break packages. Thus, at Myprague, you’ll find everything that you need for a nice short breaks in Prague.

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